Move people who have something to celebrate, but don’t necessarily need even more stuff than they already have,
to ask for a donation to the Dutch Cancer Society (DCS) as a gift
by establishing a new tradition, with a new name

Many Dutch people don’t know what kind of gift to ask for their birthday or other gift-giving occasions. They want less stuff, not more. They want to consume less, and be less preoccupied with themselves. That’s especially the case moments. But to most people, giving someone something is still part of a real party. DCS has the solution, and it serves a wonderful cause. For your celebration, ask for a donation to DCS! We developed the concept and campaign for it.

Obviously, that includes a visual style, one that is celebratory, appropriate and contemporary. The pay-off line: when you don’t want a gift, but do have a wish. Naturally, such a new concept also needs a name. That’s why we introduced a new word: kadoneren. It’s a portmanteau, because these type of words, such as labradoodle or brunch, work well in communication. And we consciously chose for the spelling of kado (gift) instead of cadeau – not the official spelling, but it does fit much better with both the Dutch abbreviation of the fund, KWF (with the K pronounced as ‘Ka’), and doneren (donate). The purists will just have to think to themselves:
ah well, it’s for a good cause!

Want to try kadoneren yourself? Check!