De Combinatie van Factoren is always glad to brainstorm with the editors of Kek Mama magazine. Last year, it led to the Mercur-award-winning campaign #zonzeestress. This year, it’s #slaapkamerstress, fitting with the sex special edition of the magazine. The idea: a celebrity sex tape, with a twist. Porn star and cover model Bobbi Eden, as you’ve never seen her before!

The campaign began when Bobbi tweeted that she would not be commenting on a leaked private sex tape. The press, from De Telegraaf to SBS Shownieuws, immediately fell for it. The video hit Facebook and YouTube shortly after, and within just one day, 100,000 people saw how Bobbi and her husband Mark were not having sex because their baby demanded all their attention.

Great results. But even better might just be the reactions to the videos. Young mothers tagging their husbands with a multitude of smileys. Or: ‘See, honey, it’s not just us’. And that’s exactly the feeling that Kek Mama wants to give its (potential) readers.