Concepts and campaigns
From strategic requests to tangible results – whether it’s a new campaign or the optimisation of messages and media within an existing campaign plan. But we are equally excited about producing those fun, one-off promotions or messages. We prefer to develop new concepts together with our clients. Through strategic sessions and kitchen reviews, we jointly create a strong foundation.

Design and art direction
2D, 3D or interactive: De Combinatie van Factoren has a great deal of knowledge and skill in the area of art and design, which we use to bring our concepts to life. And to help clients with specific visual issues, from complete look & feels to (promotional) logos or packaging. And of course, we select and supervise photographers, directors, illustrators and animators.

Copy continues to be important. More than that, actually: with the rise of content marketing and interest in persuasion techniques, the importance of text is growing larger and larger. We provide advice and training in the field of tone of voice and verbal identity. And no sentence ever leaves De Combinatie van Factoren before a native language specialist has scrutinised it.

Sometimes, as a marketer, you want a fresh perspective. Sometimes you want a partner in crime to help you get your colleagues, board or customers moving. Or you want someone to give you an honest and unbiased opinion on what you could be doing better. For many years, our clients have been giving us high marks for ‘acting as a sparring partner’.

“Execution is the only strategy the consumer will ever see.” This quote is printed on one of our managing directors’ business card. And that’s no coincidence, because nothing is more of a pity than a good idea that was poorly implemented. Our own studio works closely with our art, copy and design departments to wring every drop of potential from an idea. And that’s clearly visible in the results.

Account and project management
In the world of 2016, is there even a single marketer left who doesn’t have too little time and too much work on their hands? De Combinatie van Factoren can take on much of the load, especially when it comes to complex projects and challenging timeframes. It’s what we know best. Think of our account people as your colleagues who just happen to be working for us. Together, we’ll get it done.

Brand activation
Brand activation – what does that term mean today? Ask ten different agencies, and you’ll get (at least) ten different answers. For us, in any case, it’s not about compartments and sections, such as online and offline, above and below the line – and certainly not about medium types. For De Combinatie van Factoren, activation is not a specialisation, but a mentality: everything we do has to move people. Physically, emotionally, and preferably both. That’s how we look at not just store promotions, but also social media campaigns, TV commercials and door-to-door brochures.

Our work is everywhere. You’ll find it when you read the IKEA catalogue, watch a Bruna commercial, share a KWF campaign on Facebook or visit the M&M’s store at Schiphol or Dubai. And when you buy a STOP AIDS NOW! ArtBag, gift someone a Boekenbon book token or receive an offer from Tele2, we’ve had something to do with it as well. Or if you happen to have a set of Heineken speaker crates in your study… that’s right. Diverse work, with a single uniting factor: it’s all meant to move people.