With 4 billion passengers a year Travel Retail offers huge potential for brands and retailers. DCVF has been activating and converting shoppers for almost ten years now. With catchy activation ideas, smart furniture design and interactive content. Whether you need strategy, production, execution or building and installing, we got you covered.

A playground for brands





The numbers speak for themselves


Travel Retail offers huge opportunities. To build impactful mental availability but also to generate serious sales growth. The channel presents us with an exciting mix of trusted brands, luxury and exotic new products. It is where global brands go local and local brands go global. And the potential is enormous.

To tap into this potential, we have to face some challenges. The most important one being that the average spend per passenger is declining. Four billion passengers each year, with time on their hands and money to spend: ready to feel, touch, smell, taste and buy. However, more than half doesn’t even enter a shop and less than 15% actually make a purchase.

So how do we turn travellers into shoppers and increase basket fill? With a tailormade, conversion-led approach that is able to reach this particular type of consumer in an effective way. And an advertising agency that’s got this specific experience…

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Experienced partner


De Combinatie van Factoren (DCVF) has a long track record in Travel Retail. Over the past 10 years we have been helping global brands and retailers to activate and convert travellers. With creative activation ideas, smart furniture design and interactive content we have engaged travellers all over the world. To excite on brand level and to convert on product level.

Conducting carefree business


DCVF is a leading agency when it comes to full-service in Travel Retail. We partner with you on strategy but also produce content, execute ideas and build and install on-site. Want the total package? Or step in at a certain stage? Either way you can count on an agile and symbiotic partnership with us.







Production & installation


Airports demand the highest level in fire safety and quality from their suppliers. POS material that doesn’t meet the standards is simply refused or even penalized (rightfully so, of course). Therefore, being able to produce quality furniture in this segment requires special skills and experience.

Here our global network of renowned suppliers comes in. They know all the regulations and certifications by heart. To make sure that your wall bay or gondola is manufactured to the finest detail and certification.

The future is digital


In this day and age consumers search, compare and buy online. Digital shopping is part of our lives. This digital behaviour on the domestic markets rapidly merges with Travel Retail, influencing shopping behaviour at airports. A major opportunity!

To profit from this trend, big data, shopper analysis and detailed digital passenger profiles are becoming essential. DCVF recognizes this and has created partnerships with leading companies in this field to be able to provide any digital solution needed.

So whether you want us to create a lead generation campaign for a product introduction, make your store smarter with hard- and software or need help with collecting valuable consumer data… we got your back.

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