Travel retail:
a whole different ball game

Consumers behave differently on high streets than in the duty free shopping zone of an airport. When arriving at the airport for instance, all passengers are in fight-or-flight mode and barely perceptive to activation triggers. Once through customs that mindset changes radically.

Travellers do not equal shoppers

Imagine the relief travellers feel once they’ve made it through customs, on time to catch their flights. The sudden change in adrenalin changes travellers into perceptive consumers that want to indulge and spoil themselves. The ‘reasons to buy’ are also quite different. Where domestically most shopping is done based on primary needs, in Travel Retail other psychological phenomena enter the conversion-arena. Fear of missing out, scarcity and social proof play an important role in buying decisions. And therefore, have a major influence on portfolio choices, physical availability and creative communication.

Top 3 reasons why people shop at an airport:

Most transactions are unplanned

Whether it’s with a candy bar, a headphone or a designer perfume, all communication and activation should trigger impulse buying. No time for extensive shopper journeys or marketing automation here.

is impulse

Profit from our global experience

We’ve been activating and converting travellers for nearly ten years now. That’s why we know how to tap into this potential. With catchy activation campaigns, smart furniture design and interactive content. Whether you need strategy, production, execution or building and installing, we got you covered.

It’s all about engagement, confrontation and conversion.

Production & installation

Airports and retailers set the bar high when it comes to display furniture. You don’t get away with cardboard or plywood. Everything needs to be made to the highest standards and regulations. We have a growing global network of suppliers that do just that. Our team of project managers can handle your installations from A to Z, making your life a lot easier.